It’s a privilege to be showcasing a variety of work to you. The original pieces on this site including paintings, prints, illustrations and assorted mixed media, represent my love for the visual arts which I have harboured since childhood.                                          

In recent years, I have paralleled my artistic creativity with the responsibility of caring for an elderly relative. Both of these co-existing worlds require dedication, commitment, and more often than not, super-human levels of abundant energy. Trying to summon this from a place deep within is a daily challenge. My paint brush might not always rest steadily in my hand due to pressures elsewhere but in the small pockets of time I have, I manage to scramble.

It is my intention to enhance your life by bringing you a sense of colour, fun, imagination, plus a unique insight into my own self expression. As an experienced carer, I will also share knowledge to highlight the day-to-day challenges that are faced by anyone in a similar situation.

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